HTML: Hypertext links to other Documents

HYPERTEXT LINKS TO OTHER DOCUMENT A book is a large document and, as such, is difficult to manage in a single HTML document. Such a document should be thought of not as a single document but the sum of component parts. Think of a book's contents page as a master document with links to the various chapters which are not

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CSS: Defining an embedded style sheet

ENBEDDED STYLE SHEET A linked Style Sheet is a text file with the extension .css, for example the Style Sheet for this course is called tutorial.css, and is "linked" to from all the course's various Web pages. Linked Style Sheets are more flexible than embedded Style Sheets but we shall use an embedded Style Sheet as our first example. As

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FileMaster Tizen TPK for Samsung Z1,Z2,Z3,Z4

FileMaster Tizen TPK is a file manager software which is help to manage your all file of internal storage and external storage. File master have a lots of features according to audience requirements. In tizen store now it is becomes paid but we are providing free version of this software. This software helps to rename your downloaded tizen software Which

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